Unveiling the Mess


Let’s jump in and get messy!  Let’s do this thing called life together.  It’s easy to hide behind a smile, maybe a little sarcasm, or even laughter.  We might hide behind parenthood or the guise of being busy.  We may even {gasp} lurk in the shadows of social media.  Whatever our buffer, we’re isolating ourselves, and it comes at the expense of knowing others and being known.  We can do better!

Don’t think I’ve completely lost my mind.  I’m not suggesting that we air all the family laundry with anyone who looks our way.  Everyone knows shallow people who search for gossip or someone to ridicule.  While we love them, we don’t have to invite them to swim in the depth of our lives.  Heck no!  What I’m talking about is a community of friends willing to share life, messy and real.  I’m talking about people who celebrate our joy and gird us up when life is hard…and let us do the same for them.

For me, company on a whim might look something like needing to move a pile of clean laundry or clear dishes or school books so you can sit down.  My eyes will probably scan the floor to make sure you won’t slip on a toy.  We won’t even talk about the 3rd world country of an unchecked bathroom and the thoughts that race through my mind as I wonder if someone might ask where it is.  My home is busy and some days are messier than others.  That’s just life!  I don’t remember anyone ever sharing even one memory of my house being spotless.  We do occasionally laugh at the times the kids came in and asked who was coming over because I was cleaning like a madwoman.

We can, with some effort, get our homes clean, but our lives are another story.  So, why do we even try?  We live in this world where we feel like we’re supposed to have it all together – and mistakenly believe everyone else really does.  In the meantime, opportunities for friendship are passing us by.

Some of my favorite friendships began to blossom when I was invited into a messy home.  I was comfortable because their homes looked just like mine, and I knew immediately they could come over any time.  If we’re trying so hard to hide our messy homes, can you imagine the weight of life’s burdens we carry alone?  Let’s invite one another into life, mess and all, because my bet is that we’re missing out on blessings.

A friend loves at all times.  ~ Proverbs 17:17

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