The Miracle of Christmas


What is this miracle that is Christmas?  A helpless baby, the Son of God, who made the humblest entrance into a broken world.  Love came down to a world so fractured by heartache, full of hatred, perversion, violence and suffering.   We need to go back to the beginning, to a time where God’s creation lived in peace and walked with Him face-to-face, if we really want to understand the depth of this love.

God loved His people deeply.  He gave them responsibilities with one instruction that carried the forewarning of death if violated.  They had the freedom to obey or yield to the temptation of selfish desires.  Sadly, they took their focus off God and disobeyed His only request.  Immediately, they both died to innocence.

Sin tainted their lives, barring them from God’s presence.  Fellowship was broken, harmony shattered.  Life on earth would never be the same.  God’s heart was broken, but His love for His people was not.  He knew He would send an atonement to restore fellowship between He and His people.  Throughout many generations, almost the entire span of the Old Testament, prophecies of His coming were foretold.

People expected a fierce warrior to come conquer the injustices of the world.  Yet, He came as a helpless baby in a manger, who grew to live a perfect life in God’s will.  His name is Jesus, and He stepped down from heaven to pursue you and me.  At God’s appointed time, Jesus willingly suffered death on a cross in hopes that He might purchase us back from sin’s bondage. When He rose and conquered death, an avenue of restoration and personal interaction with God emerged.

While we’ll never again be innocent in thought, He declares those who trust and follow Him as not guilty on all counts.  Love is the foundation of His coming and the fruit of His Presence.  I’m not sure which is more miraculous – that His birth was so powerful and fulfilled so many prophecies or that He thought I was worth the trip.

You are to give Him the name Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins… “they will call Him Immanuel” – which means, “God with us.”  ~Matthew 1:21b, 1:23b

via Daily Prompt: Miraculous


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