Fill Me With Your Empty

SealedHeartWhen the seal of Jesus’ tomb was broken, it was as if the envelope holding God’s love letter was unsealed.  Inside, a beautiful, indiscriminate, far-reaching invitation was found – an invitation for freedom, restoration, and promise.

Jesus suffered unimaginably and selflessly on the cross – for us. For the mistakes we would make and the headaches we would bring Him.  He was dead.  His body was prepared for burial with spices fit for a king.  The tomb was closed with a large stone, sealed, and guarded.  When He conquered death, He emptied the tomb of darkness and instead filled it full of love, grace, and redemption for all who would come and believe.

Women discovered the tomb open, unsealed, and empty.  An angel had rolled the stone away and invited them to “come and see.”1  There was nothing to hide.  No shame.  No guilt.  No deceit.  Just absolute transparency.  There were no shackles to bind them (or us) in sin or imprison us with rules.  No!  Jesus came and conquered death “that [we] may have life and have it abundantly.”2

The women weren’t left without instruction but were told to go tell the disciples.  As they obeyed, they encountered Jesus, in the flesh.  We can’t stay at the empty tomb, either.  We must go tell – not because it’s a chore or obligation, but because it’s a joy and a privilege.

Let’s saturate ourselves in the truth that this invitation is meant for us – for me and for you!  When we follow Christ in faith, our lives are changed.  We can’t help but tell people!

 “Come and see what God has done, His awesome deeds for mankind.”  ~Psalm 66:5

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