A Circumcised Christmas

Congested.  Chaotic.  Circumcised.

Where is Jesus in all the hurry?

Stores are full and sales abound;

Few are festive, for fear of offense.

“Merry Christmas” is scant.


A people divided, forging new traditions,

Drawn from an old, yet few know why.

Now, an occasion, a list of wants,

A frenzy of spending, an exchange of gifts.

Communities drained by the season.


A circumcised Christmas may be just what we need

To remember the Gift that saves our souls,

Personal consideration, private celebration,

Of Jesus, the Babe in the manger, the King?

To return to the reflection of beautiful Truth.


Where is joy, peace, hope, love?

Pour these, LORD, into our hearts–

Let them spring forth in our lives

Let our acceptance of Jesus

And thanks to our King abound!