A Circumcised Christmas

Congested.  Chaotic.  Circumcised. Where is Jesus in all the hurry? Stores are full and sales abound; Few are festive, for fear of offense. “Merry Christmas” is scant.   A people divided, forging new traditions, Drawn from an old, yet few know why. Now, an occasion, a list of wants, A frenzy of spending, an exchange of … Continue reading A Circumcised Christmas

An Oasis in the Desert

Some of us live in the desert…I mean, really, in the desert.  Others are in a season of life, a figurative desert, where isolation seems abundant and things don’t seem to make sense.  Still others may experience a spiritual dry season.  Be encouraged! In the desert: Abraham learned to trust God Joseph rose above his … Continue reading An Oasis in the Desert

Cultivate Our Hearts

The messy soil of our hearts May be the very compost That conditions and lends nutrients For what will be sown tomorrow. When God is preparing our hearts, He can use what we see as manure And grow something beautiful. May His Word take root, Flourish and bear fruit in our lives. Let us crave … Continue reading Cultivate Our Hearts

Fill Me With Your Empty

When the seal of Jesus’ tomb was broken, it was as if the envelope holding God’s love letter was unsealed.  Inside, a beautiful, indiscriminate, far-reaching invitation was found – an invitation for freedom, restoration, and promise. Jesus suffered unimaginably and selflessly on the cross – for us. For the mistakes we would make and the … Continue reading Fill Me With Your Empty