Unveiling the Mess

Let’s jump in and get messy!  Let’s do this thing called life together.  It’s easy to hide behind a smile, maybe a little sarcasm, or even laughter.  We might hide behind parenthood or the guise of being busy.  We may even {gasp} lurk in the shadows of social media.  Whatever our buffer, we’re isolating ourselves, … Continue reading Unveiling the Mess

Generous Hospitality Triumphs

“A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor.” ~ Proverbs 22:9 Hurricane Maria’s wrath barreled through Puerto Rico last week, leaving behind a wake of destruction. In the thick of their tremendous plight, “We will rise,” was a common mantra. Nestled near La Pared, or the wall, in … Continue reading Generous Hospitality Triumphs